I Went Skydiving for the 1st Time! #JoyVillaBirthday

Skydiving for my birthday? Am I really going to do this? Why? God, Jesus, help me Lord, why did I choose to do this on my birthday? Will this be my deathday, too?

April 25th, 2018 at Lake Elsenore Skydiving I was joined by 3 of my very brave, very awesome friends, "The Red Booth" tv host Kimberly Quigley (who suggested the idea to me, and has done it before) my make up artist Nichole Ray (who created my orange sherbet glam look...because after all it is my birthday and we have to start off with a make over) and political activist Jovi Val who flew all the way from New York to join me as we jumped out of a perfectly good plane.

How was it? I'll let you see the video below to get a real taste of or heart pounding experience. I can tell you one thing...the rickety plane (that seemed like it was from 1937) ride up was the scariest part of it all! That pressure drop in my gut as we climb to 14000 feet...ARGH!

We all joked about throwing up together mid air. Charming, arn't we?

I was the first to jump, right behind the smiling videographer who was giving me thumbs up and seemed entirely too cheerful. No she was really reassuring as I began to silently freak out (am I really going to do this? Why? God, Jesus, help me Lord, why did I choose to do this on my birthday? Will this be my deathday, too?).

The jump itself was more like a fall, aided by the tandem jumper professional safely secured to my back. Then we proceeded to free fall for about 30 weird seconds where I felt like I was a hamster in a cool hairdryer. Yeah, the goggles definitely came in handy for that. And how glamorous do I look at the moment?

Perfection, pure perfection .😂

Thankfully the float, once my professional tandem dude opened the parachute, was the best part of all. I felt calm, cool, and GLAD IT WAS ALMOST OVER!

No, I 'JK', I really liked that part. The landing was super smooth, a little scootch on the booty into the grass (not unlike a poop-y dog) and I was greeted with a body slam by my off the rails girl Nichole (who screamed like a siren all the way down).

I think the biggest rush came after the whole ordeal was over, which was 15 minutes of plane riding and only a minute of falling. The adrenaline pouring through our hyped up bodies was HYPHEEEEE and I felt like an animal ready to pounce. I could practically hear grass growing. We all hugged and cheered, sharing this life threatening moment together.

It truly was an exhilarating experience. I did it, I REALLY JUST DID THAT! 😱☠️😱☠️

Now, would I do this crazy/sexy/cool thing again?

YES, and I recommend it to anyone. Live free and all that jazz...!

Watch the VIDEO